Kiss Cafe coffee and snacks

Our yummy, well priced menu

Satisfy your cravings

Coffee & other hot drinks

Espresso   Flat White  
Short Black   Cappuccino  
Long Black   Hot Chocolate (Standard, White - GF)  
Doppio   Mocha (Standard, White - GF) 
Short Macchiato   Tea
Long Macchiato   Chai   (Vanilla, Tiger Spice) GF
-w syrup   (caramel, hazelnut, vanilla)

Ice Cold drinks

Frappe   (Latte, Chocolate, Mocha, Chai) Ice Kisses   (Mango Magic, Tropical, Berry Blast)
Soft Drinks Water

Delicious Snacks and Light Lunches

Sweet Treats
Biscuits, Muffins, Banana Bread, Slices, Friands (GF), Hot Cinnamon Scrolls, Brownies (GF)
Sausage Rolls, Pies, Pasties, Quiches, Sushi, Ham & Cheese Croissants, Fresh Salad Rolls, Paninis and daily treats


* Each Kiss Cafe Van carries a lunch menu and has EFTPOS facilities.